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PhotoboothBorn and raised in South Bend, Indiana, I attended Washington High School, where I focused my free time in the media and arts. I became a member of the school's closed-circuit television station, Channel One, the Chief Layout and Design Editors for the school's news magazine, The Hatchet, and a common face in the photography and ceramics studios.

After graduation, I attended Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film and Video. I refined my skills as a graphic designer by creating small works for friends and family, in addition to designing and maintaining the occasional website. Also during my time at GVSU, I indulged my passion for audio/video equipment by working for the IT department's specialized A/V section.

After I left GVSU, I returned home to South Bend, where I began working for the South Bend Police Department Crime Lab as a Forensic Video Analyst. During my time with the SBPD, in addition to my normal duties, I was called upon to work on a variety of different projects. These ranged from photograph restoration and congratulatory banners for retirements, to logos and patches for departmental use, and the occasional audio/video project for training purposes.

I am still living in South Bend, where I work on freelance photography, graphic design, video production, and website construction.

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